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Thrive – Test Product


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Packaging & Pricing Your Services – Upgrade Package

Want to Add Even More Value to Your Packaging & Pricing Your Services Course?

We've created an upgrade package for you which includes both end-of-module quizzes (for students to test their learning) AND a Trello Board.

Use the Module Quizzes to:

  • Upload to your course platform as quizzes after each module to increase the course value
  • Enable students of your Packaging & Pricing Your Services course to test their knowledge and feel confident in their learning
  • Make them ‘graded' quizzes that students submit in your course platform, so you can see how well your students are learning
  • Ask the questions as part of live webinars to generate interaction among participants (and see how you're doing too)
  • Use the questions in a live workshop, also to generate interaction and discussions
  • Set up some of the questions as a quiz ‘lead magnet', so potential students can test their knowledge and you can generate buzz about your course

Use the Trello Board to:

  • Offer as a bonus for students in your program, so they have a digital, interactive tool to complete the course Action Steps
  • Repurpose it in the future for other online courses!

 Both the Trello Board and the Module Quizzes are valuable add-ons to our course on Packaging & Pricing Your Services, and would take you hours to create on your own.

Luckily, we've done the work for you, so all you have to do is tweak them for your audience and add your branding.

Here's what's included in each part of this upgrade package:

Upgrade Part 1:

Packaging & Pricing Your Services – Module Quizzes

Engage your audience with quizzes for each module of the Course.

You can easily add these quizzes to your online course platform to test your students’ knowledge. Or use them individually to generate discussion and interaction in a live training.

Most good course platforms, like Teachable, have the ability to add simple quiz questions in their Basic Plan or graded quizzes in their Pro Plan. All you have to do is add a quiz unit, upload the questions and answers, and indicate which answers are correct. You can even use a WordPress plugin, like Thrive Quiz Builder, to set up your quiz and send people to the relevant page.

Upgrade Part 2:

Packaging & Pricing Your Services – Trello Board Action Guide

Product Overview:

The Action Guide for ‘Packaging & Pricing Your Services' set up for you in an interactive Trello Board. Also includes a Canva Image Template, so you can rebrand the board header images.

Just copy the board and image template and edit however you want. Then offer it as a bonus for students in your program, so they have a digital way to complete the Action Steps. You can even repurpose it in the future for other online courses!


  • Trello Board – Link and Instructions
  • Canva Image Template – Link and Instructions

Upgrade Bonus

If you get BOTH Packaging & Pricing Your Services AND this Expansion Pack, you'll also get the following bonus…

Package Your Services Planner


A 43-page, editable and brandable planner that your students and clients can use to plan out their service packages. You could even sell this as a printable or micro-offer! (in .pptx)


  • 43-page planner in .pptx
  • 43 page planner template in canva
  • Instructions

Click the button below to get your license to "Packaging & Pricing Your Services" Upgrade Pack now:


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